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Why online networking events are the future!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Listen as small business owners we’ve almost all been to networking events. We’ve entered rooms awkwardly filled with people we don’t know and tried to force conversations and grinned manically trying to force connections.

But, if there was one silver lining to the cloud that was Covid, it’s this: suddenly an alternative became available. Online networking events. The chance to genuinely build and grow relationships without ever leaving the comfort of your home, still unconvinced - don’t worry: here’s a listicle with all the incredible advantages online networking events has to offer.

1. Online networking events save time

One of the main commodities in this day and age is time - and golly gosh does networking take time. Time travelling there and back, and then the endless shmoozing of trying to speak to that one contact who can, finally, blow your business up. Often, online networking events can take up the whole morning or afternoon - leaving little time for actual work or anything else. That is where the real beauty of online networking events, with a clear start and a hard stop you know exactly how many hours in your day you need to set aside, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home - so your commute is suddenly reduced from the time it takes you to walk from your bathroom to your home office; not bad at all. Focused and clear; online networking events help you to gain all the advantages of networking without even having to leave the house.

2. Online networking events save on awkwardness

The hardest part, frankly, of any networking event is having to walk into a crowded room full of strangers and have to make awkward conversations. It can, honestly, be mortifying and more than a little daunting. Which is where the beauty of breakout rooms come in. With breakout rooms, at @ ESNInternational you can simply choose who you want to be with, picking from those people who most are clearly suited to your industry and personality. You then get ten minutes of fully focused time where you can start building those relationships that can lead to genuine business referrals. Less fluff, less faff online networking events are changing the game for those people who aren’t keen to walk into a room of complete strangers.

3. Online networking events can be attended wherever you are in the world

More and more freelancers and business owners don’t want to settle on any location. Understandably, they want to travel around the world - and fully take advantage of everything this amazing world has to offer. Of course, whilst sunning yourself in Cancun or exploring the rich heritage of China, it can be somewhat difficult to continue networking and meeting like-minded people. However, online networking events - especially like ours at @ ESN international which are at time zones to suit almost all corners of the world, wherever you are working from in the world you are able to grow your network.

4. Online networking events are the perfect alternative for a working mum or dad

We’ve all been there, we are all set to head out for a meeting, and suddenly we receive a call from our child’s school and we have to go pick them up, and networking events are little one’s don’t really mix let’s be honest. This is why online networking events specifically cater so well not just to digital nomads (which they do,) but to busy parents who are trying to get work done. Here’s our advice, turn on that iPad, let your young’un enjoy themselves watching a little bit of TV and come along to an online networking event to help your business soar.

5. Online networking events work

Here’s the truth, many people do prefer face to face networking and we say, good for them. Ain’t nothing wrong with that at all. However, if you’d rather network in your pyjamas with a warm cup of cocoa and possibly some marshmallows on top (OK now we’re making ourselves hungry) networking events do absolutely do the job very nicely. At @ esninternational we have a number of groups and our members are getting business. As long as you make a genuine effort to connect with the other members and do your 1-2-1s, you will absolutely gain business.

However, don’t just take our word for it, come along and try one of our networking meetings! Free to try out and with groups that are more general as well as more specific (for the health and wellness industry for example,) we have the right online networking event ready for you. Book here or drop us an email at ?


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