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Serious about networking; we accept business owners from right around the world looking to grow their network. With a focus on excellence, we accept only those with recommendations from clients and who genuinely understand the core tenants of networking; that the only way to gain meaningful referrals is to build relationships. In this vein, we don’t expect our members to bring a certain quota of referrals a week or to find a replacement if they can’t make a meeting. 

Instead, we work to create genuine communities of business owners with positive outlooks and proactive attitudes. This means, that as part of your membership, you are not just able to lock out your competition, but also:

Gain completely free access to LinkedIn training once a month

Have completely free support on your elevator pitch once a month 

Visit all the groups included in the price as long as you aren’t locked out

Listen to all of our guest speakers in a private portal exclusive for our members 

Have the opportunity to give a member talk (with full support from the executive team)

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